And the calf will lie down with the lion

6 08 2012

I think there’s something in the bible about a calf lying down with a lion. Whoever wrote it can’t have known much about lions or it’s a metaphor for something else. Well today I found a statue of something that I think looks a bit like a calf CROSSED with a lion (maybe THAT’S what they were doing lying down?). Or maybe it is some sort of homage to something else I have not thought of. I give up. Make up your own mind what it is. There was one “guarding” the other side of the gate to the unfinished house and there were some vaguely leonine blobs on the balustrades visible behind the gate. Money obviously doesn’t buy taste…

Guarding something



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6 08 2012

Lol, you’re right. Money didn’t buy taste there!
If I ever find my way thru the labyrinth of posh streets in one of the richest developments in the Algarve I’ll take photos of something similar I saw there once and post it. Hint: one mansion has some strange Egyptian-looking statues guarding the gate.

7 08 2012

I would suspect they are not more bizarre than this!

27 08 2012

I joked a couple of years ago that it would be fun to do a photo blog – Kitsch Mansions of Harare! Thanks for the brilliant blog.

27 08 2012

Yes, just looking at the monstrosities going up around town should provide plenty of fodder for that. There is one on the Rolf Valley road that has a mirror in the gate and used to have a fountain in the middle of the driveway. Maybe water is short or guests objected to having their cars washed from the underneath because I haven’t seen it for a while.

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