15 07 2012

Ngomakurira  (“place where they beat the drums”) is a very large granite dwala 30km from the outskirts of Harare. At one time the drums were regularly beaten there at a full moon and I know someone who once spent a night on the rock listening to the drumming but I am told it rarely happens now. I met Lucina and various friends of hers at the base of the path this morning though I opted to drive the Land Cruiser up the 4×4 track from the south. It is a popular outing for the local 4×4 club and the challenge is to touch the beacon on the top with the bumper of the vehicle though I decided my driving skills were not of that calibre. The more energetic people opted to cycle their mountain bikes up the track and they were not much slower than the vehicles – the track is that rough!

The weather was unusually warm and very hazy so I contented myself with subjects other than the view.



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16 07 2012

Absolutely gorgeous shots. I specially love the one of the ox cart going down the hill.

16 07 2012

Thanks! Lucky to get it as we were about to turn off the road.

22 07 2012

Thank you for writing so many interesting things about current life in Zimbabwe. And congratulations on wonderful photos. I am following whatever I can find on life in Zimbabwe recently as I am moving soon with my family from Europe to Harare. We are planning to grow our own vegetables there as well (we like gardening and enjoy home grown food). I am trying to find some literature on gardening in southern Africa/Zimbabwe without much success. I am sure we will be able to get some advice from people around when we will be there as agriculture was well developed. But still I would like to ask you if you may recommend any book, magazine, on-line source about gardening, agriculture, horticulture in Zimbabwe.
Best regards, Jerneja

26 07 2012

There a number of small monthly publications that come out and they often have gardening tips in them. It’s not that different from Europe really except you can garden year round and water is a precious resource here. Yes, your best bet is to ask around and there are also a number of gardening clubs, if you like that sort of thing.

The A-Z of Gardening in South Africa is an interesting book also applicable to Zim and is available on Amazon.

27 07 2012

Thank you very much for the information.

30 07 2012

Beautiful post Mara i love all of it,Thanks for sharing 🙂

5 08 2014
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