Memory lane

21 05 2012

I grew up on a forest estate in the Eastern Highlands of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and it was an idyllic childhood. I have not seen much reason to go back to the area but this weekend I was in Mutare, a town close by, and with little to do on Saturday as June and Gary were at a wedding I decided a visit was in order.

The next day we all piled into the Landcruiser for a visit to the Honde Valley some 45mins north of Mutare and the most densely populated rural area in  Zimbabwe. At the north end, in the shadow of Mt Nyangani, a lot of tea is grown. Our goal was the Aberfoyle Lodge which is now privately run though rather expensive.



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21 05 2012

Hi, I love seeing your photos.
We lived in the capital and my father wasn’t into travelling around the country so there are so many places I never visited. I’m sorry about your father – a truly dreadful thing to happen.

23 05 2012

It was long ago. Some time after we left that house the trees around it were felled and the area burnt as was the practice then. An arms cache that had been buried exploded in the heat of the fire some 200m behind the house! Of course it was never discovered the purpose of why it was there.

22 05 2012

Memories, I spent a week of one school holiday in the Honde valley having extra French lessons before o level!

23 05 2012

I remember either going to drop you off or pick you up at the Hugos. I was struck by the density of the forest next to the road. It has mostly gone now though some does exist along the Honde River.

29 12 2012

Hallo. I have recently come into the 21st century!!! Delighted to view the Honde Valley and tea estate where I lived in the l960s!! I, too had a wonderful childhood out there. Have written a short story about it! An amazing country as you said.

9 01 2015
Angus Dott

Hi did you know Alan and Patricia Crow from Sheba Estate? Am trying to trace their daughter Theresa Crow born 1966.

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