In praise of progress

7 04 2012

I have just found my glasses. It only took about half-an-hour and that was just this morning. I tried finding the spare pair first so that I could find the everyday pair – but I couldn’t find those either. This is actually not the whine you might expect it to be. You see, I used to be nearly blind without my glasses in which case I would not have left them lying around but some 8 years ago I decided to have my eyes lasered in Cape Town. I was not an ideal candidate with a prescription of around -9.5 in both eyes but I was really fed up with hiding behind a barrier of glass or plastic. Contact lenses just hadn’t worked. God knows I’d tried the lot. Glass, plastic, gas-permeable and everything in between – my eyes just wouldn’t tolerate them.

The ophthalmic surgeon was disappointed with the result and when I went back after a year for a check-up he said that they would have used an intra-ocular lens if I’d had it done now (being then). I was not at all disappointed. I still needed glasses though of a relatively light correction of -2 but I was free of this, this mass of glasses on my face and I could even drive without them if I had to though I didn’t really like doing so. The one downside is there is a bit of flare on bright lights when I drive at night but is really a small issue. Now that I am a bit older and have presbyopia (my lenses have lost their plasticity) I would normally need glasses for reading but I just take my glasses off to read or just look under the lenses at the object. Around the house I often just leave my glasses off as nothing is too far away to see – and forget where I have left them. It IS progress, I wouldn’t go back to the glasses of old (I finally threw away the last old pair a couple of months ago) for anything. Now I just need to find the spare pair.



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7 04 2012

I have just had my reading glasses straightened out. Yes, literally. I only need them for the really fine print on labels, and the writing of one of my students who insists he cannot write larger letters!
So the other day they fell from the coffee table and later I stepped on them!

10 04 2012

Been there done that! I occasionally sit on mine but they have titanium arms so it’s just a case of carefully bending the rest of the frame back to fit…

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