Jacaranda season

3 11 2011

Jacarandas are not indigenous to Zimbabwe but one does find them in the most unlilkely of places. They put on quite a show when in season and this year they have been particularly vivid though their season is coming to an end now. The first rains and storms play havoc with the flowers and now the foliage is taking over.



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3 11 2011

Great photos, careful you don’t get juice from the flowers in your eye, it would mean a day off school!

4 11 2011

Miss them so much. even I had only two seasons, never enough when you have smell it , see it and walk on the mauve flowers carpet. Automn is really great now in Paris even under the rain, all leaves on the floor, each of them such a beauty. Would like to dress the floors and the walls with them/
Beauty of nature. Thanks Andy.

4 11 2011

@Tuppit yes, guaranteed to give you “pink eye”! Ah, the urban myths of childhood…

4 11 2011
La Canadienne

Thanks Andy…I miss them very much. Like Paris, autumn is in Ottawa now. It’s late this year and the colours have really hung on. But the last couple of days the cold has come on and the leaves are dropping.

Next task: the flamboyants.

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