No liquidity

10 07 2011

“There’s just no liquidity” said Phil the Banker, glumly shaking his head. I also blame this lack of cash on the run of poor business we’ve had at the nursery over the last 3 months. Of course, having to rely on diesel power to irrigate one’s crops as the national power grid is so unreliable doesn’t help either.
“Yes”, I replied, “we are just not producing anything”. This is not strictly true, we areproducing lots of diamonds, probably in excess of 1 billion US dollars worth but precious little (excuse the pun) is getting back into the economy.

The retail economy is definitely suffering too. I have been doing a bit of browsing with view to replace at least one of the armchairs I own that probably predate me – they are more than a bit tatty and uncomfortable too. I have been into three outlets that sell furniture this week and in all cases I was the only person in the shop. The cheapest armchair I could find was US$450 which puts replacing the entire suite well into the fantasy realm. Yes, I don’t have the liquidity either! There was not a lot of choice in style either and curiously, just about everything was covered in leather which is obviously targeting the luxury market. Made in Zimbabwe? Just one chair.



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12 07 2011


13 07 2011
Big Blister

I would think there would be a big used furniture business from all the people who’ve left the country…?

13 07 2011

Done the refurb thing once, now it’s beyond it. @Big Blister – that stuff is long gone and I think is mostly sold on the auctions. Besides, I would think demand way outweighs supply for second hand stuff.

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