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8 05 2011

I called by Tendai’s office at the end of last week to retrieve a DVD I’d lent him on, of all things, the RLI which is my old regiment. He was fascinated by it! He didn’t have the DVD on him but he did let drop a pearl of wisdom: apparently as of the end of June cars (and other vehicles I presume) older than 5 years will not be allowed to be imported into Zimbabwe. This is quite a blow to those who could get access to cheap, reasonable quality, second-hand vehicles from Japan. It seems that someone thinks we should support the Zimbabwe vehicle assembly industry instead. This is unlikely as they are expensive by any standard. I think we’ll just see ever older and more delapidated vehicles on our roads as few people will be able to buy the new vehicles.



2 responses

11 05 2011
Big Blister

I’d like to know more about how/why Tendai was fascinated by the DVD…

17 05 2011

He’s a bit of a military history buff and I guess he likes to know the local history too.

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