Paying dues

20 04 2011

The customs declaration on the padded envelope said very clearly that the contents were valued at 150- SEK (Swedish Kroner). It contained electronic kit components for my hobby of building hifi amplifiers, and yes they do work rather well! I cannot think why I did not have to pay duty except maybe nobody was prepared to admit they didn’t know what SEK stood for. I was not about to complain so thanked the official at the central sorting office, picked up the package and continued out to the Tobacco Research Board near the airport to buy some tobacco seed for an order.

On the way back I called in at the cargo handling terminal to collect another piece of electronics that I’d ordered from South Africa some time ago but had not been to collect – after all R240 (about US$30) does not require a special trip. Unfortunately the company in question, based in Jo’burg, will not post items to Zimbabwe so they come by courier to the airport where they are valued for import duty. I asked what the duty would be – US$17. And the handling charge? US$30. So I told them to keep it and walked out.



One response

20 04 2011

Perhaps you should explain to your suppliers about the description and valuation of gifts coming in to Zim?

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