When better late than never is not the solution

17 01 2011

For the past 4 years Grace Mugabe’s farming company has been farming the land between where I live and work. Mainly they have planted late soyas there with mixed success. It has inevitably been too late – probably something to do with the ZANU-PF congress that takes place late in the year but I have to admit I am not sure what the link could be.

On Saturday they were still planting maize – at least a month too late so it will very likely yield nothing of consequence.
I am sure I have mentioned elsewhere that it is cheaper to import maize into Zimbabwe than grow it here at the moment. That is of no importance to Her Ladyship; she will not be paying for the inputs anyway but she will be pocketing the income!

It was a rather nice looking late model Case 4×4 tractor doing the planting. It was already running on one cylinder less than the full complement and pouring blue smoke out of the exhaust. I guess somebody else had paid for that too.



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