Trash metal origami

2 01 2011

We had a very relaxed New Year’s Day lunch at the Gallery Delta. People wandered in and out bringing something to eat and drink and we just sat around and chatted in the perfect weather. A youngish black guy “call me George” came past later with his wares of folded metal objects. He had an interesting history of working as a soap-stone sculptor and had lived for some time in Mozambique where one day he got the idea of using old drinks cans to make objects.

His tools are only a pair of kitchen scissors and a small pair of pliers. The mosquito (and other models not shown) are folded out of a single piece of metal.



3 responses

2 01 2011
Big Blister

Amazing! An update of the wire buggies. I hope George is “found”!

2 01 2011

Very clever!

27 08 2012

Wow!!! Small world! Spotted my very special niece in your picture – also an artist with potential. Not that easy to be anonymous in Zimbabwe, hey? George is obviously very talented. Art and recycling are very close to my heart.

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