le Malaise de Zimbabwe

16 09 2010

My French teacher has a full-time job with Air Zimbabwe but that changed this week with the pilots’ strike. Like a lot of Air Zim staff the pilots are owed a lot of money (around US$6000 each according to mon professeur) and they eventually got fed up waiting.  The strange thing is that one Air Zim executive was quoted as saying that the strike was costing around $500,000 a week in lost earnings (some simple maths bears this out) – so they should be able to pay the staff if that sort of money is coming in. The senior management are not on strike of course. The chief executive gets a late model Benz SUV and like a lot of the other senior staff there are children’s education benefits, fuel allowances, cheap flights etc. This whole sorry mess started around a year ago and shows no sign of being resolved. After all, are the senior staff going to give up a few benefits in order to help the national carrier’s financial woes? Not likely!



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17 09 2010
Big Blister

Senior management are similar worldwide.

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