Time to stand up for a name

21 08 2010

I used to take Jenni with me to work when I knew I was not going into town – I was paranoid about the appalling standard of driving and getting her involved in an accident (I was once asked to pick up a friend’s children from school – it was the most tense driving I’ve done in a long time). Customers like her, she was very friendly and likeable. A black customer once asked me what type of dog she was. A Rhodesian Ridgeback I replied. Not Zimbabwean? No, Rhodesian – that is how the breed was described in 1928 and that is how it stays. He made some facetious remark.

In this country we whites seem to be pussy-footing around our history. I forget who said “You can re-write history all you like but you cannot change it” but I find myself increasingly less sensitive and using the R word where it is justified – in my opinion at least. At one time I used to put on my South African visa application that I was born in Southern Rhodesia, educated in Rhodesia and lived in Zimbabwe! The South Africans I’ve come across seem far less timid and very proudly call their dogs Rhodesian Ridgebacks.



3 responses

22 08 2010
La Canadienne

Nice to have you back. There’s been nothing to read in the papers. :-))

24 08 2010
Big Blister

I once met someone who had what they called a “Zimbabwean Zipperback”. Found that amusing and creative.

Otherwise, find myself wondering whether, because I was born in a town and country that no longer exist, perhaps I’m only a figment of my own imagination…

24 08 2010
La Canadienne

Ah Big Blister; me too. Canada is no longer as Canada was; I’m sure Forest Gump has something to say about that. Are we really what we used to be, or is memory playing its tricks on us.

That’s a far cry from dogs, isn’t it?

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