From Mr. Suriya

7 07 2010

This is typical of a Nigerian scam – there used to be lots going around but this is the first I’ve seen in some time. Almost funny.



I am Suriya Jungrungreangkit, former Thailand transport minister during Thaksin Shinawatra regime which was ousted by a military coup on Sept 19 2006,and Martial law was imposed by the Council for Democratic Reform, now called the Council for National Security. After the Sept 19 coup, i would have called you on phone , but because the new government is taping the past government officials phone numbers, so it is no longer safe for me to call you, that is why i think it is safe to send you this mail. we are placed under surveillance.

However my main point of contacting you is to seek your sincere suggestion and guideline to invest in your country. And please because of my previous position in the government, I do not need to tell you of the absolute confidentiality which we both must have to observe, if we are to go into investment, or rather if you are to help me in investing in your country.

I desired to contact you now that I am very sure that all eyes are not on us as it was when the problem first began though we are still going to court but the environment is good now. I’m seeking your assistance to invest the sum of US$14,000,000.00 [US$14.Million] but I do not want my picture to appear in any investment because of some certain issues which I will explain more to you.

> From the news publications attached here in respect of the government probes into much of the projects my ministry execution will make you to understand my position with the government now.

I thank you very much for taking time to go through my mail, and hope to read from you soon. I appreciate your anticipated co-operation and my regards to your family.

Please, contact me with my Private e-mail:




One response

10 07 2010
Big Blister

Perhaps suriya means ‘scam’ or ‘sucker’…

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