Return flight

24 06 2010

Now it’s hot as only English summers can be. It’s been a great holiday; old acquaintances renewed into friendships, lots of new places seen, experienced and enjoyed. Now it’s back to the grind – the power cuts, the water shortages, the difficult working conditions and the inevitable loneliness after the constant companionship of a special friend. Yes, in a way I will be glad to be home amongst the familiar surroundings and the ever faithful support of Jenni but… Yes, it’s been a great break. Hopefully the plane will leave on time tonight!



2 responses

25 06 2010
La Canadienne

Godspeed. Travel well, et a tres bientot.

25 06 2010
Big Blister

Yup, that “going back to boarding school” feeling that rears its head at times with strong familiarity. But Jenni will be thrilled! I look forward to hearing all about it …(hint)….

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