21 05 2010

Maribou stork

Not a brilliant photo but it beats commenting on the Financial Gazette that I bought yesterday, looking for material to blog – it was just too depressing. The maribous congregate on some acacias next to the municipal rubbish tip where they scavenge. Of course the sun chose to go behind some clouds as I got there.



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23 05 2010

Well even if you don’t think it’s good, I rather like it! ^.^ The colours and the silhouette are lovely, as are the swirly clouds. And besides, if you hated it that much then surely you wouldn’t make it the header of your blog? =P

24 05 2010

Oh alright smarty-pants! Actually I got to like the full size photo which works much better than the blog one. Has more “atmosphere” somehow. I set out to take a really detailed photo of the birds in flight and ended up with something completely different. C’est la vie.

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