6 01 2010

Blotched long-horned antlion - Tmesibasis lacerata

There are some distinct advantages to being self-employed. One of the more ludicrous examples I can think of was when I had to sign my own letter of approval to go on leave to South Africa when applying for a visa! This morning I asked myself if I wanted to photograph this ant lion or go to work. I eventually got to work at 9h30 – we are not exactly busy at the moment.

Detail of the above



4 responses

7 01 2010
Big Blister

I would never have guessed an ant lion looked like that – you must have drenched him to wash off all the dirt..

10 01 2010

What is the actual size, I don’t remember them being more than about 10mm long or having wings or was that a different variety?

10 01 2010

I should have checked wikipedia, it is the larvae I was thinking of, aparently the are about 2000 different varieties!

11 01 2010

I thought you were being facetious so didn’t comment! There are 125 species mentioned in my South African field guide.

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