More of the same?

1 01 2010

The Rasta mun customer was upbeat – 2010 was going to be better but success would only come to those who worked for it. Not exactly heavy stuff but accurate enough I guess. Well, 2010 is here and yes it does look like being a beautiful day which is a start that is totally inauspicious.

Zimbabwe's national flower - the flame lily

The flame lilies are out in profusion at the microlight club runway. Curiously they exist elsewhere too; I saw one growing next to the beach on Koh Phanghan in Thailand in 1988.



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1 01 2010

Cracking photo

3 01 2010
La Canadienne

Sniff…homesick. AKA Gloriosa Superba.

3 01 2010
Big Blister

What a beauty! Makes me homesick too. i bought sone bulbs here once but they didn’t thrive. But I have had better luck with cricket ball marrows aka gem squash. Had a bumper crop in 2009 after moving my garden into full sun on the front lawn. Have had 2 requests for seed from South Africans who “yearn for them”!

3 01 2010

I haven’t seen many of the yellow ones around this year. Interesting to see that they go a much darker red/maroon as they age and lose any traces of yellow. Somebody used to grow them commercially for export in Mvurwi but I think they were kicked off their farm some time ago.

3 01 2010

Perhaps worth a try, there would surely be a market for them again, do you still have contacts from your flower exporting days?

4 01 2010

No but I could find out. I do recall that they were a pain to pack, each one had its own protective sleeve. I don’t know how viable the market was.

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