Zimbabwean resourcefulness

9 12 2009

Hope is eternal!

I spotted this dog nursing the kittens yesterday whilst picking up the artwork for the company calendar. I don’t carry my rather expensive camera around with me so went back today; I had a doctor’s appointment nearby. She is too young to nurse the kittens but they weren’t going to let that stop them trying! Their mother had been killed on the road and one of the staff was having a go at raising them. They looked rather malnourished to me and I told him that cats are obligate carnivores so have to have meat (or at least milk at this age). They were not playing like kittens should so I don’t hold a lot of hope for their survival. The dog’s mothering instincts were already well developed; not only was she allowing them to suckle but she was defleeing them too!



3 responses

10 12 2009
Big Blister

Hope they all make it! Nyuchi was separated from his mother at about 4 weeks, so it’s possible.

10 12 2009

I called in there on my way back from the TRB and gave the kittens owner two bags of kitten food. He was overjoyed. I hope it was the right thing to do.

12 12 2009
Big Blister

Good for you! See, you really do like cats as much as I remember you did many years ago…

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