Lucy and the cutting boards

3 12 2009

“What is this?” I asked as I looked into the freezer upon seeing some rather odd shaped pieces of wood.

“Cutting boards” said Lucy.

“Umm, yes, but why…?”

“To sterilize any nasties” said Lucy.

I knew that Lucy was taking the said cutting boards (fashioned from offcuts at a project where she had been working in Mozambique) back to the UK.

“So you think customs are going to take your word for this?” I asked.

“Yes” she replied with what I suspected was more optimism than she felt.

I was sceptical but the next day the cutting boards were gone and there were bottle gourds in the freezer. Customs did not even check her baggage.



One response

5 01 2010

Guess what, they are back in my fridge, they started going mouldy (grey and fluffy)… probably caught something foreign in your freezer!!

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