Betrayal of trust

14 10 2009

Her coat is matted and dirty; sort of Labradorish. She is young but middle aged on the street and surprisingly not too thin, yet. Her tail is only half as long as it once was but she cannot remember what happened. All that matters now is that she must eat to feed her family – an instinct so deep she does not even think about it. She has vague memories of laughter and games a ball to chase and young friends to play with and security and friendly voices to … wait! What was that? Her nose, supreme sensory organ that it is tells her there’s food around. Where? Look, down there! She jumps easily down into the ditch, and yes, it can be eaten. What is it? No matter, food in a bowl was long ago – she has no choice. She picks it up, jumps back up on the bank and ducking under the railing away from the traffic makes off with her find. She must feed her family.



One response

15 10 2009
Big Blister

OMG! What a life. Almost certain death at the shelter and not much better on the street. And many, many more like her.

It’s not only a 3rd world problem, however;

Last year five million unwanted pets were put to death in U.S. shelters.
That’s 13,000 every day, 575 dogs and cats killed every hour.
Spay, Neuter, Adopt …. Be part of the solution.

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