Rumours of Rain

13 08 2009

Factmeter (FM) scale: 0 = nonsense, 1 = myth, 2 = dubious rumour, 3 = rumour, 4 = fact 2nd hand, 5 = fact 1st hand

It is August and the rains are not due until mid November. FM = 4

The veld is very dry and fires are everywhere. FM = 5

Richard Branson has been to Zimbabwe several times and has had meetings with Robert. FM = 5 (heard from 2 reliable sources).

Richard Branson is interested in investing in the Victoria Falls area, including the airport in exchange for a “feel good” project, likely fixing up the big Pariranyetwa Hospital in Harare. FM = 4.

The Russians are investing in a new double carriageway from the airport – they are being paid in cash and land for development en route. FM = 5 (I know one of the contractors and have seen the work going on). Why we need a double lane road from the airport is anyone’s guess.

The Russians are buying up a lot of the larger mines in the country. FM = 4

The Marange diamond fields will be returned to their rightful owners in the next 2 weeks. FM = 3 (reliable source but will have to see it happen.)

There is a gradual drift of people back to Zimbabwe in anticipation of a “turnaround”. FM = 3.

This year is an el Niño year which will cause erratic rains and drought. FM = 4 (it’s a weather forecast, how can it be fact?).



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