Getting legal

5 03 2009

Part of the requirement of being allowed to trade in real money is a FCA (foreign currency account) at one’s local bank. I did that just now and it was surprisingly easy and in theory I can get a REAL VISA CARD!!! which will actually work anywhere. There is a cost of course; the Reserve Bank deducts 5% of any deposits (and yes, ALL cash has to be deposited – right) and there are bank charges but Joyce told me there were not that many. We’ll wait and see on that one. The Reserve Bank has plundered these FCAs in the past so I am not too keen on depositing all my takings, just yet.

I heard this morning that Barack Obama has renewed the sanctions against Zimbabwe (targeting individuals and their companies) for another year. I could not help but notice the new Landcruiser on the way to the cafe this morning. It seems that Toyota has found a way “around” the sanctions along with Benz, BMW, etc…



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