A strange thing

15 02 2009

At 14h30 today I was ripped off outside the Borrowdale post office. They must have been watching. I’d shut the door of the car and activated the alarm but not locked. I was going all of 10m to the post box and would be out of sight of the car for less than a minute. I’d just unlocked the box when the car alarm went off. There was nothing in the box so I shut it quickly and stepped back so that I could see the car. A black Toyota sedan was pulling away from my pickup so I took a look at the registration – it was an old style one starting 27 but that was all I could see. I knew straight away what had happened and sure enough my gym bag was missing off the seat with my wallet inside. Livid I went off to the police station and just managed to cope with the police woman’s ineptitude. Half an hour later I got a call on my cell phone from someone that I know; my bag and all my cards had been left at her gate in another suburb! Strangely it had been placed very carefully at her gate and only the wallet and money were missing, they’d not even taken my Swiss Army knife (fortunately I’d taken the cell phone out). In these cases the unwanted stuff is usually dumped in a bush or a rubbish bin. Very odd.

The knives are out for the white farmers who took their land issues to the SADCC court in Windhoek, Namibia. Last year 77 of them presented their case there and won. The judgement being that the land invasions and evictions were racially motivated and illegal and they should get their land back and be allowed to get on with farming. This morning one of my customers phoned to say that he would not be collecting his order as he’d been kicked off his land yesterday with 6 hours to get everything together. The chief hood admitted that the SADCC ruling was behind the move even though the farmer in question was not represented at the case. And besides there was a sacred grave in the hills on the farm and they wanted to make it a national monument. Crap. The small farm is in an urban area and he was just grabbing to get the crops and probably some future development.



3 responses

15 02 2009

Do those that won their case in Windhoek necessarily get their land back?

17 02 2009

No, not much chance of that. It was more an exercise in building a file of evidence for future use.

17 02 2009

Trust you didn,t loose anything too valuable or important?

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