The Inauguration

21 01 2009

I have to admit that I watched some of the inauguration last night with my Canadian friends. I was not riveted but the crowd took it seriously. I did not think that Obama’s speech was up to his victory speech, but hell, I wish him well and he can only improve on GW. I wonder when the first nutter will take a pot shot at him.

It occurred to me at the end of it all that he was continually being billed as the “first black president” of the USA. But he is half white so he could just as easily be a “white” president. Why make a distinction? On those grounds Brazil is way ahead – colour matters not a jot to them. Largely because everyone there is thoroughly mixed race.

I wonder if Bob watched the ceremony. Did he take in any of the not so subtle references to democracy and smooth change of power? I doubt it.



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