Only in Zimbabwe

13 12 2008

I’ve probably used this title before but sometimes thinking of snappy titles is a bit beyond my limited artistic skills. Whatever…

I got to the checkout till yesterday having made sure that my purchases were close to a whole number of US dollars. The alternative is to stand in another queue and get a credit note for the change which the supermarket does not have. Standing in queues is not my strong point though. I’d even picked up a packet of chewing gum in the checkout queue but there was still a bit of change. Help was at hand though and the till operator reached down and picked up a chewy bar worth the outstanding 15c – or thereabouts. No doubt she had other “denominations” at hand.

I see that between there being “no cholera” (according to Bob) and the reality of a massive outbreak we are now blaming it all on the British! Check out this link for the full report. It beggars belief that anyone, including the deputy minister involved, would actually believe this drivel but there you go; blame it on someone else no matter how daft the reasoning.



2 responses

13 12 2008
Big Blister

Unbelievable! But yet, in Zimbabwe it is believable.

13 12 2008

Only in Zambabwe can a Mugabe exists.

Absurdity is also not permanent, have hope.

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