Foraging made slightly easier

11 11 2008

If you have access to “real” money the foraging has actually got quite a lot easier. Prices however, have to be perused carefully as they vary from somewhat reasonable to utterly ludicrous.

Yesterday I was doing some shopping at a foreign currency registered supermarket for my maid whom I now pay in goods for at least part of her wages. Mealie meal was a fair price at $13.50 for 20kg which is comparable with the maize I bought at 50c per kg and I still had to get that milled. Oil was $5.40 including 100g of salt as a “value hamper” but sugar was over the top so I got that from my “South African goods-out-of-the-lounge” supplier who was much more reasonable. Coffee (for me) was a stupid price at $13.40 for 250g (get real, I got Costa Rican coffee in Gatwick Airport at £1.20 for the same amount a few years back) so I phoned up the supplier of my favourite local coffee and got 5kg for $50 which I’ll share with Suzanne who also likes it. Few supermarkets have small change so they resort to giving credit notes or you just have to buy something small to make up the difference. Two yoghurt snack bars (75c each) and a Cadbury’s Lunch Bar (40c) did it for me and besides, I needed a treat!

I got back to work later in the afternoon to find that Comrade Mapfumo (the area ZANU-PF chairman – though he could be anything he is most certainly a windbag) had been past making demands that all my staff go to a “meeting” this afternoon. I asked my foreman what it was about. Apparently there is a rumour doing the rounds that there will be new elections supervised by the UN so the ruling party is getting into gear. They haven’t started the beatings – yet. I am not at all sure that there is any substance to this but I guess we will find out in time. Nobody went to the “meeting”.

The pictures below have been doing the rounds of the email. The toilet photo was apparently taken in the South African customs at Beit Bridge.


No Shoplifting

No Shoplifting

The toilet paper photo is being polite. Zim dollars are no good for toilet paper anyway (been there done that) and anyway, on Friday last week the cheque rate to the US dollar was 40 trillion to one! Cash is not quite so daft at 25,0000 to 1 US dollar.



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