Offers, burnt, not refusable

8 09 2008

I have just come from the weekly milk run. Prices are up again; milk is now a dollar a litre (bring your own container). This means that it has doubled in the last three months. Helen mentioned that the farm where she gets the milk is getting its “offer” letter next week. What this really means is that the recipient has 7 days to get off; they are not actually offered anything. Maybe it’s someone’s idea of a bad pun. Maybe that’s why the price has gone up.

The farm where I stay has not had an offer – yet. One of the managers was beaten up on Saturday though (I don’t know the full story) and his house occupied by ruling party hoods; he is a “known” opposition supporter. This is not the first time this has happened but I have a feeling that this time they will not move. It could have a knock-on effect for me as I live on the other end of the farm and am not an employee so may be asked to move out for him. I do have it on good authority that the next foreseeable crunch will be when Bob can no longer afford to pay the army. Helen tells me that the military is behind the offer last week to the neighbour to the dairy where she gets her milk. A connection perhaps?



One response

9 09 2008

I’m loving the pun.

And I’ve got a part in a panto, so I can expect pleanty more.

All the best.

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