Power to the people

27 08 2008

The power has been on for nearly an hour now and I have to resist the urge to keep opening the fridge to see how cold it’s getting! True to form I’d just finished having a cold bath when it came back on. It was off for nearly 36 hours from yesterday morning. I was coming back past work yesterday evening when I saw a pickup truck pull into the car park. We’ve had a few theft problems recently so I decided to see what was going on.

As I pulled up next to the truck people started offloading an 8m extending ladder. It looked rather familiar. Thoroughly suspicious now I quizzed the driver of the pickup but it was all quite innocuous. He had a plot further down the road and concerned about the lack of power to irrigate his crops he’d taken the initiative to borrow my ladder (the duty foreman had lent it to him) to assist the electricity supply company in accessing the broken cable. As they did not come back today to borrow it again they must have been able to source another so hopefully things have not got that bad, yet.



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2 09 2008

36 hours! Is there any point in having anything in the fridge…

I went back to school today, as head boy and all. Although my “powers” (more like chores that save the teachers bother) seem nothing compared to those Dad tells me that Head Boys of old had.

Oh, and whilst stuffing a wine bottle with old Zim bearer cheques (see my blog for thrilling details), I found a $20,000 dollar bearer cheque with the following written on the back:
Tiri kutambura muno munyika
tanzwa nenhamo
mari iyi haiteng e chinhu todii

Just out of intrest, would you or anyone you know have any idea what it means?

All the best


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