Supply and Demand

17 07 2008

Those of us who do not trade in essentials often complain that we are getting ripped off by those who do. It is true; not only do we have the world’s highest inflation in local money we also have the highest inflation in a convertible currency, in this case US dollars.

I have just been around to get my weekly milk supply and was about to get on my high horse about how Helen could hike her US dollar price by 50% while her Zimbabwe dollar price was not even related (astronomical to try and force people to use the green backs) only to find that the milk, which is sold on a first come first served basis, was finished. Oh well, she has hiked the prices because she can. So, in keeping with the trend I have had to increase my prices (we use a US dollar baseline) though 16% is hardly “hiking”. But I don’t have a queue of people waiting outside the gate to buy my seedlings!

I was chatting to a customer on Tuesday who turned out to be the re-insurance manager for a local bank. He was saying that he made more money out of his greenhouse tomato crop than he got paid as a salary which does not say much for his salary. Complaining about and discussing the financial situation he was firmly of the belief that we really are now in the “endgame”. He did say that the government was going to go after the bigger companies in the “Indigenization Programme” whereby indigenous Zimbabweans (i.e. not whites) must hold at least 51% of the shares and fully aware that a political deal is in the offing they are not going to hold back. My friend Dave called around this morning and mentioned that Bob has been speaking at various rallies urging people to take now as once he is gone they will not have the opportunity. Dave speaks good Shona so he is likely to be in the know. I said to my customer that I rather hoped someone would come and take my company. He laughed and said that the likes of Unilever Zimbabwe were more likely recipients of the unwanted attention!

Tuesday, July 14th was Jenni’s day. She featured on the Dog-a-Day Calendar published by Workman in the USA. I’d sent her photo in last year and was rather chuffed when it appeared. DOGS-8243259772



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18 07 2008
Big Blister

July 14 was Pamberi’s birthday – he would have turned 14…

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