Threats and nonsense

1 07 2008

A lot of places closed this last weekend over the “voting” period. So I am catching up now with all the e things.

Last week I was cycling to work with Jenni to do some repairs on my truck when a police Landrover came the other way. He pulled onto the other side of the road as Jenni has no traffice sense at all. Nice person I thought. Then as he went past the driver shouted: “I will arrest you tomorrow”. Not so nice. I had never seen him before and he did not use my name so I took it as just being harassment. I was not arrested the next day.

The ruling party went to extraordinary lengths in the campaign run up. I guess a lot of it was on TV but I used the plug off mine for better things some years back. They also had published a very glossy brochure on 100 reasons to vote for Bob. I won’t bother reproducing it here but it was so incredibly childish and loaded with contradictions that even the most ill informed would have picked up. The really curious thing about it was that it was entirely in English, a language that is well understood in Zim but is certainly not the mother tongue of the targeted voters!

I was at friends for supper last night. Being a bachelor it is always great to be invited out for food. The best part of the evening was seeing Bob getting rattled at the AU summit in Egypt. Not his usual cocky self at all. It was also interesting that the South Africans who are usually very pro him are calling for a “transitional government”. Would it be premature to start hoping?



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1 07 2008

The situation in Zimbabwe is unbelievably horrendous right now and it doesn’t seem that there is an easy solution. I think there is something that can be done, though. The international community, especially other African leaders, has to speak out against Mugabe’s crimes. There’s a new petition that demands world leaders to react against Mugabe’s tyranny. If you want to sign it, here’s the link:

1 07 2008

We’ve had a fair bit on Zim sice the inauguration, and a fair bit on the Egypt summit. They also pointed out all the other “democratic” leaders that were there too.

In other news, I’m on work experience for two weeks (i.e. child labour, as we’re not paid). I’m doing mine at a wine shop in Shrewsbury, so mostly all I do is shift boxes around, or other exciting things like dusting the shelves of the liquer and whisky sections. And, there’s a bloke who works in the officey bit called Bob, who somehow reminds me of Gary Hensman. Somehow.

All the best.

3 07 2008

Any chance of some discounted wine (that’s worth drinking)?

8 07 2008

Ooh there’s pleanty of good stuff. They have a bottle somewhere that’s worth over £1k, and a load around the £900 mark, all in the cage, which I got to go in today (to drop off some 45 year old port). Rather embarassingly, I was pulling the door the wrong way for ages when I wanted to get out, so it looked like I’d been locked in. [Take that work experience boy!]

As for the discount, I’ve no idea. I’ll be nice to the boss this week and smile sweetly next time Ma and Pa are in. Failing that, there are no CCTV cameras in the store room, not that my conscience would let me take any. Oh well.

All the best.

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