Avoiding the issue

12 06 2008

My domestic servant asked me this morning if she could go to a ZANU-PF (ruling party) “meeting” at lunchtime. I said yes as not going to these gatherings can be a bit detrimental to ones health. I mentioned this to my staff at work and immediately there was something of a panic until I pointed out that as far as I knew this was not “official”; nobody in authority had mentioned it to me. Anyway, I used it as an excuse to stay away from work and the farm over lunchtime as I had no particular intention of attending either. It could of course be an excuse for the maid to get the afternoon off but she knows that I will check up so I doubt it.

Jenni has been a bit off colour recently so I took her to the vet on Tuesday. It cost me all of 16 billion Zim dollars (about 8 of the US type) so I was not too upset. What did concern me though was that I heard another customer mention that dog food was becoming increasingly difficult to find because the manufacturer of the most popular brand could not find the sorghum to put in it. Now THAT could be a problem! Jenni is OK now and back looking for the jackals that got away on Monday evening. She has a scary turn of speed when she wants to and caught up with one very quickly. Fortunately it was a bit more agile and got away without a punch up. They frequently carry rabies. On the same run that I do with her there is a genet cat (lanky type of wild feline) but it is much quicker than her and wily to boot. It does not stop Jenni trying to catch it though and when we get near the area where she’s seen it I can see the adrenaline start to kick in.

I have just had an email from my ISP saying that they are not going to bother charging us this month as by the time they get the money it will be worth half of what we paid. Therefore they are withholding charges for the time being and trust that as loyal customers we will pay the final bill in full whenever it arrives! Wow, I am impressed!



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14 06 2008

Well it seems at this point that Jenni is just a wee bit more intelligent than Lucky, who will not usually notice a still rabbit, even if you point one out that’s just a few yards in front of you.

And it sounds as if vet’s bills are A LOT cheaper than they are here. Thankfully, we haven’t needed a trip to the vets recently *touch wood*.

Ooh, I have a “Spanish” trip tomorrow. We’re going to Chester for the day, because apparently the Cheshire dialect of Spanish is very different compared to mainland Spanish, so it should be good practise for us…

And how do you get a hyperlink to your blog on your comment name, if that makes any sense at all?

All the best

14 06 2008
17 06 2008

Not sure but I can see a hyperlink to your blog on my comment page.

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