Just another day

27 05 2008

It was cold this morning at 5. I really did not feel like getting onto the rowing machine but… But I had to. It’s a pact I’ve made with myself not to start something I am not going to finish and this is an ongoing thing. Once on the machine it was a little easier, but not much. There is a star visible in the north-western sky at that time of morning. I have been making a note to find out its name so that we can be on name terms. That’s the sort of thing I think of at that time of day. I could see a few lonely lights of cars on the Mazowe road some 15km away as they come up the hill past the dam wall. It’s piece of road I know well having travelled it many times in the days when we did lots of paragliding at Mtoroshanga. Fuel is too expensive to do much of that these days. I wondered if I was seeing the same vehicles every morning. I was battling. Mentally as much as physically. I pondered the I word. I for insolvency. I have been thinking about it a lot recently as I fail to see any real solution to the countries and my financial problems. Inflation is around 2 million percent and the dollar is losing 2% a minute as I type this. I looked for excuses to get off the rowing machine but my knee was holding up and the twinge in my hip could be ignored. After 20 minutes I was committed to finish and as I was a bit early I’d make some biscuits as I’d totally run out and Jenni gave me a reproachful look as I tried to explain that the metaphorical cupboard (actually a plastic sealable bowl) was empty. I slowed down and stopped at 40 minutes feeling, well, somewhat pleased with myself and relieved at the same time. Jenni knows when my session is over and comes over to remind me that it’s her breakfast time and get a bit of affection. Coffee, make biscuits. I was resigned to the rest of the day.



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29 05 2008
Big Blister

What do you think you will do for you and Jenni? People here continue to ask about you…

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