HIFA Day 5

8 05 2008

One day to go and I am running out of steam even though I have not had a very busy schedule. Having volunteered at the beginning to take on the more esoteric stuff I decide it’s time that I did and wander over to the Hivos poetry café. It really is a bit of a café and today I stumble onto the theme; “The word is my weapon” and it is inflammatory stuff. The convenor assures everyone that there is enough security around to deal with any eventuality so the artists can “go for it”. They do. First up is Comrade Fatso – a dreadlocked white youngster – who raps out a vitriolic piece that I’ve heard before on BBC. Several others follow and they are all just as passionate. Then it’s Comrade Fatso back with a backing band. I chat to him later and he calls their style toyi-toyi rap. I am impressed by their drive and wonder what this country would be like if we had a few more people like them.

“Curry Tales – Written and performed by Rani Moorthy we were transported across time and continents with the common ingredient, always a type of curry, always linking time and place. It was hilarious and at times emotional but Moorthy held it all together with wit, charm and consummate acting.”

“There was more than a little social commentary and maybe the audience did not appreciate the links between Edwina Currie and the egg curry (as Health Minister she presided over the dumping of millions of eggs) but they certainly appreciated the curry samples distributed throughout the show and at the end of it all Moorthy received a deserved ovation.”

We put together the last HIFA-lutin but it is not the fun the others were. It’s mostly “corporate copy” which is a euphemism for arse kissing the corporate sponsors. It seems that the articles that should have gone in throughout the week didn’t so now there are only two reviews and four photos. I really don’t thing anyone will read it. I do insist on the poets article – those guys deserve some recognition!



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