HIFA Day 2

8 05 2008

We have the usual press briefing in the morning and afterwards I spend a while repairing the files that got trashed by a virus on the press computer; I will have to use my own from now on. I don’t like the idea of walking around with a computer but at least I can leave it in the main office during the day.

 Loupe (magnifying glass) is a wholly Zimbabwean written, acted and directed. It takes a comic look at a serious subject; homosexuality. Well, it is serious in Zimbabwe where the general population is notoriously homophobic. It IS funny and surprisingly well acted. I don’t have to review it as someone else has already done it the previous day.

 Live Sax Acts is very different and best described as performance art. Yes it does involve saxophones but has nothing to do with music and I have to ask the performers what it was about. It is a satire on male relationships (first 2 acts) dealing with dominance and competition. The third act is experimental and rather odd. I still give it a good review as I think it’s worth seeing but I hear later that some thought it obscene! Zimbabweans can be depressingly narrow-minded.



2 responses

12 05 2008
Patience Tawengwa


Am glad to know you appreciated our play The Loupe at HIFA and that you thought it was funny. I can tell you as the director I was back stage sweating bullets on the first day wondering if the audience would actually like it. Anyway thanks again for watching.

15 05 2008

Yes, there was a time when I would have hesitated to recommend Zim drama. I’m glad to say that it has come a long way recently and although I did not see the others (I forget the titles) they were well received too. Well done and don’t stop!

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