23 02 2008

On Politics
As one wag put it recently: Bob’s biggest concern is that the election results will be leaked before the election!

On Inflation
It’s official; inflation is now over 100,000% p.a. And that’s according to the government satistics office which bases it’s figures largely on controlled price items (so much for the control). I saw that in Thursday’s Financial Gazette which commented that private figures put it at over 300,000%. I’m not too surprised. The street exchange rate for cash has gone from 6m to the US dollar on Monday to 11m yesterday.

On Loyalty
The government has reasoned not unreasonably that loyalty can and should be bought. I have it on good second hand authority that the presidential guard (who may be seen outside Bob’s Place with foliage on their heads) are getting one billion Zim dollars a week as cash. That’s OK by Zimbabwe standards.



One response

25 02 2008
Big Blister

Are the head coverings for camouflage or because $1billion won’t buy a hat?

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