Dual Currencies

15 02 2008

 It’s a curious phenomenon; you can often buy things much cheaper in Zimbabwe in US dollars than in local currency. My other laptop has come to the end of its life; the cable that supplies the signals to the monitor has become damaged and the right hand side is very difficult to read. It was a choice of seeing if I could get it repaired or finding another. As it was approaching 4 years old I decided to see what was on the market. Quite a lot as it transpired, and it was reasonably priced if one could come up with real money. The accepted exchange rate to the US is about 8 million to one. However the price I was quoted on this machine was around 10 million (the price list quite clearly showed the US dollar price – apparently against the law) times the US price. So, I went to the piggy bank and dug out the 1200 dollars and am the owner of a new laptop, sans receipt and I did not pay VAT either! It’s an entry level HP and it comes with the Windows Vista OS which may not be something to be excited about.  The next task is to get all my data from the old computer across to this one. I am NOT looking forward to that.I suppose I should admit that I am practising the dual currency pricing too, but very selectively. We are growing a lot of granadilla seedlings for the export market; the fruit is exported. So when prospective customers ask me about the price I give them the US (on which we base our prices anyway – that’s not illegal but selling in another currency is) and then the local based on an inflated exchange rate. When they protest I point out that to buy inputs I may well have to use real money. They usually see the point.



One response

7 04 2008

Ahh, Windows Vista isn’t that bad.
And if you’re anything like me, the gimmicky stuff will keep you amused for ages.

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