Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe

15 01 2008

My local bakery was surprisingly full of baked things at lunchtime. Rolls and biscuits there were aplenty. No pies though. Apparently the fat used to give the pastry its distinct pie type of quality was not to be had. Waiting my turn to buy some round “wholewheat” loaves (mostly air filled and artificially brown coloured) I noticed a few other items on offer.

1. A “brand new” Lexmark inkjet printer.
2. 2 tins of gloss enamel paint – ivory colour.
3. One candle left in a box.

That there were baked items on offer was not that surprising and I guess the absence of a queue of people waiting to make purchases could have been explained by the queue of people in the bank waiting to draw their money, but the paint?



One response

9 02 2008

Any Cornish Pasties? How about some bhanz? In terms of variety, our stores can’t hold a candle to your beckary.

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