Not real money

22 12 2007

Well, they finally pulled it off – sort of. I did get my wages requisition yesterday but only in the new $500000 notes. The other denominations have yet to appear. Unlike some people I did not have to wait from 07h30 to 12 noon to get the money. Colin, my thoroughly decent bank manager, looking completely unflustered despite the very placid crowd in the bank, let me wait in his office until the money was ready and then I just collected it and walked out. I did have a bit of time to reflect on the differences between South African banks and Zimbabwean ones. I sat opposite the teller with no armour plated glass in between us and chatted pleasantly about Christmas plans and the weather. The crowds were all patient and quiet. Maybe that is our problem here; we are simply too accepting and pacifistic.

five hundred thousand

Well you saw it here first! Note the expiry date on the back of the note; it ain’t real money! Also notice the words “Bearer Cheque“. The previous link is for those who want to wade through the disaster that is the Zimbabwe dollar. Due to the inflation the conversion figures should be taken with a bucket of salt, but you’ll get the idea.



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24 12 2007
Big Blister

I think you are all really good at math and mental arithmetic as I can’t follow all the machinations you discuss. But maybe it is truly mindboggling.

Also trying to get the full significance of the barbed wire…

24 12 2007

I guess it’s a metaphor for the intolerance and repression. I also thought it was time for a change in banner.

24 12 2007
Big Blister

What you wrote down the side of the bank notes isn’t readable. However, this is the first currency I’ve seen that has an expiration date….!

25 12 2007

It actually says “note the expiry date!”. I use Firefox as the browser – maybe a problem with others. I will adjust it…

27 12 2007

Does the country expire on the same date?

29 12 2007

We’ve been wondering that ever since they put expiry dates on the notes, which is some years ago. Don’t hold your breath!

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