18 12 2007

Having done the wage calculations for paying this Friday I entertained myself in a small way by plotting the nett wage bills for this year on a chart and then fitting a curve. While the wages definitely do not keep up with inflation the result was nevertheless illuminating. Unfortunately I cannot find out how to display it here but maybe you can envisage this; January it was $881,000, June $13,100,000 and this month it is $504 million. Equation of the curve; y = 294816e to power 0.602x. The fit was 0.9883. Truly exponential!



2 responses

20 12 2007

This means you are almost back where you were Aug 06 when the momey had to be reprinted after having removed three 0’s, if wages are keeping up with inflation?

20 12 2007

Oh no, we are long past that benchmark! See the next post…

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