The answer is chocolate

26 09 2007

I have been going through a bad patch recently; the multiple stresses of living in Zimbabwe coupled with a disastrous personal life have led me to “lean on” various friends. I have always got on better with women than men and no, I am not gay either, it’s just the way it is. Men have been better friends in the sense that I know that I can ask them for any type of non-emotional help. Women have been closer friends; I can share my emotional problems with them that I would never dream of taking to my male friends.

Stef lives in Bonn, Germany and I have known her ever since she was a back packer here in 2000 and I looked after her for two weeks while she recovered from malaria. Debbi is the wife of Austin, the sports doctor and together they run my local gym. I am vaguely related to her; one of my cousins is married to her sister. On hearing of my troubles, Stef offered me written comfort and offered to send me some chocolate. At the gym this lunchtime, Debbi saw my long face and offered me a chocolate biscuit. I do like chocolate but have never believed it to be mentally uplifting. Is this a girl thing?



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26 09 2007
Kimberly Tolmay

I don’t know if it’s a girl thing, but we sortof all believe that chocolate can fix ANYTHING. And I mean ANYTHING.

27 09 2007

Well here’s to chocolate then!

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