Feast or Famine

7 08 2007

Last night I met Hannah at a local restaurant for dinner. We shared a starter of deep fried cheese and then she had a Thai green curry and I had the red version. For dessert Hannah tried the chocolate mousse which met with her approval and I had a banana fried in grated coconut. The coffee on offer was not the best so we did not have any. Wine was a local red which Hannah had sourced in a local supermarket that afternoon. I thought a bit light but Hannah assured me it was not headache material and she was right. Total bill was ZW$2 million (about US$10) including the tip.

Meanwhile desperate Zimbabweans were braving crocodiles, thugs and police patrols to find a new life and some food in South Africa. At least 80% of Zimbabweans are unemployed which may account for their inability to find food.



2 responses

9 08 2007
Big Blister

Quite the paradox….

11 08 2007
Kimberly Tolmay

On the plus side, if you say “I paid 2 million dollars for a meal!” to someone who has no idea about the stuff going on in Zim, then you could appear very rich and fancy…

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