Carpark Shopping

2 08 2007

I’ve said it before – we are way too innovative in this country. We should be throwing the toys out of the cot at the smallest excuse but I guess that no-one is prepared to make a sacrifice just yet.

So you want to buy food? Here’s how to do it.

a) Speak to all and sundry and see how they do it or
b) spot an advert in the gym (as I did), email a request to the email address supplied, pay into an account the required amount and then on a specific day (today) meet in the carpark (with a host of other shoppers) of a well known junior school to collect the order from the supplier.

I got there a bit early so had time to peruse all the adverts on the nursery school wall for chickens and eggs and then someone was also selling potatoes from one of the classrooms. All today’s orders were short of eggs but as luck would have it there was another lady selling trays of eggs from the back of her pickup. Problem solved!  Someone else was giving out adverts for a farmers’ market on Saturday morning at which all manner of fresh produce is going to be traded. No, it was not cheap but everyone was VERY pleased to be able to get what they wanted. So, it has all come to pass just as the economists predicted; heavy handed implementation of price controls has just driven the black market harder and driven it further underground to boot.



2 responses

2 08 2007

Just like the English car boot sales!

2 08 2007

Except this is a bit more serious!

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