12 05 2007

[The following quote in italics is from today’s BBC website: ]

Zimbabwe has been elected to head the UN’s commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) despite strong objections from Western diplomats.

They had said Zimbabwe was unsuitable because of its human rights record and economic problems. It is suffering food shortages and rampant inflation.

But Zimbabwe has dismissed such criticism, calling it an insult….

“When they tell the African group to change, it’s an insult to our intelligence – that we Africans can’t think,” he said.

To my mind this is a bit like making Pol Pot the chairman of Amnesty International. It IS an insult! It is an insult to everyone’s intelligence and no doubt the government papers will be crowing long and loud tomorrow. This is nothing to do with Zimbabwe’s ability to head the CSD and everything to do with poking a finger in the eye of the EU. Zimbabwe is a sustainable development nightmare and it will backfire on the African block that voted Zimbabwe in. I would even go so far as to say that it is probably racially motivated “you whites cannot tell us blacks what to do”. Pathetic, hypocritical and cutting off the nose to spite the face.



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