HIFA Diaries – day 6

6 05 2007

Well, it’s all over. For me it was a great HIFA. There were only a couple of shows that I would not see again, mainly because the content was lost on me, not that they were poor quality.

I have just got back from seeing Jeanette Micklem (piano Zimbabwe) and Jose Lopes (tenor Portugal). If the seats were not so uncomfortable I would have been asleep very quickly. The choice of songs was not great and I think Senor Lopes had lost the volume control. Antonio Forcione was on an altogether different volume scale. A bit on the loud side but entertaining as ever and a master performer. A pity that the content was so similar to last year, even the jokes were the same. Still, it was pleasant to sit out on a cool autumn evening, sip wine and get blown away by Hannah’s garlic chicken (I can still taste the garlic three hours later).



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