Where there’s smoke

1 04 2007

Hopefully there will be fire but I will believe it when it happens. Tuesday and Wednesday are slated for a mass stay away and demonstrations. We have been this route before though and not much happened. But I must say that I have had several inflammatory emails from the ZCTU (Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions sic) calling for support and citing the Zimbabwe Students Union as saying “We are starving, we will eat your teargas!” Right. That I would like to see (from a distance). Yes, I suspect that most businesses will close and most people will “stay away”,  but other than that I am sceptical that anything of lasting importance will happen.

On Thursday I was going into the industrial sites. One can see many things for sale on the street corners; newspapers, brooms, baskets, phone cards etc. but this was the first time I have seen puppies. Yes, they were being held correctly but I couldn’t help feeling a twinge of sadness – it seems people will try to sell anything these days. Part of me wanted to stop and buy them and give them a good home but I have not got space for more dogs or even  give them to the SPCA but there they would just be put down as is their policy these days (“we cannot guarantee them a good future but we can give them a good death”). And of course it would just fuel the market which is the last thing I want to do. So they are likely doomed. Poor little guys. One of them was yawning in the way that puppies do.



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