1 01 2007

Early this morning I was standing outside the local microlight club, scene of a forgettable all-night New Year’s party, waiting for the sun to rise. I suppose that rather typically I was wondering what the new year was going to bring; where would I be a the same time next year given the disastrous state of the Zimbabwe economy? All the usual greetings and compliments had been exchanged at midnight and somebody standing next to me had commented that we’d been hoping for better things since about 1965! I was almost certain that I’d had similar thoughts a year earlier.

Back at my house I listened to the BBC news detailing amongst other things the wild celebrations in Romania and Bulgaria as they became the newest EU nations. One man interviewed said yes, he thought it was great now that he could get out of Romania. Of course we never experienced the overwhelming brutality of a Ceausescu but it has not stopped and estimated 25% of the population leaving the country to greener pastures (often illegally). Leaving Zimbabwe is frequently on my mind but actually implementing it requires a bit more courage than I have at the moment. Perhaps like the rest of the country’s population who seem too timid to revolt, I am too timid to move. I am forever making excuses, mainly to myself, about how difficult it will all be and what would I do without Jenni? I can find her a good home easily and she would miss me only for a short while. I would be devastated without her.

The sunrise was not to be. Mist descended on the vlei and the sky remained clouded over.  Night merged into day and now it is raining. We are a ridiculously superstitious species that will believe in just about anything as diverse as an all seeing, all monitoring God to UFOs so I must avoid the trap of thinking that the lack of a dramatic sunrise means anything more than that but I do think it is symbolic of a less than dramatic year to come.

May 2007 be a fulfilling year for you.



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1 01 2007

Hi there. Saw the new year in by taking a 24yr old up to Oxford at hi-speed. He had been out with his girlfriend and was punched in the face. Fell back, hit his head on the floor and had a headache. When the first crew got to him he appeared fine but they took him in to Reading anyway. 2 hrs later he was on my ambulance in a coma with an extra dural bleed and we took him straight in to the theatre with the surgeon casualy asking me to step aside as he put a drill to the side of his head.And then a friend told me she had suspected breast cancer. I know my new year is going to be a whole lot less eventful than theirs will be. Don’t believe in God but might not try to piss Him off too much this month.
I’ve lost my bottle and I am trying to find it in the bottom of a glass.

3 01 2007

I too was awake at sunrise. Red feelers of sunrays pushing away the night. My feelings were ones of hope and excitement of what 2007 would bring, the opportunites available, the pleasures in store and the friends to share it with. The world is not always how we want it to be, but as a believer in the law of attraction, I only want to attract the positive, the fun and to share these with loved ones. All my best wishes for you and yours this next year.

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