Hello cruel world!

10 11 2006

Well, I guess I should start by explaining the title “Zimbabwe Absurdity” though you will get the idea as the days roll on and hopefully I can stay connected. Those of you out there in the civilized world may find that at times you will struggle to believe me but if you know the Third (oops, undeveloped) World you should have no trouble at all. So stay with it if you can!

You will have been either in a prolonged coma or illiterate, deaf and blind not to have noticed that Zimbabwe has a few problems these days. Today’s problem: no fresh milk (I might visit other problems later). Now there is a Prices Review Board (or some such organization) that controls the prices of essentials in our 2000%+ inflation and woe betide any unscrupulous character who tries to make an honest profit by charging more than the stipulated price which is often sub-economic. Last week someone ratted to the afore mentioned organization that milk was being sold at more than the regulated price and they clamped down on all the offenders (which was all the major suppliers and dairies) and … waddoyaknow – no milk. Well not exactly. One CAN get milk powder and the UHT milk which is not controlled and therefore very expensive but as everyone is after ANY milk they can find there is not a lot to be had. So what is happening to all the fresh milk? It is made into cheese, yoghurt and the like which is uncontrolled (you must understand this is all done so the masses can afford the essential products) and only the wealthy (relatively) would want to buy. There, that’s a start!



One response

11 11 2006
Matt C

The laws of economics strike again.
But what about the milk of human kindness?

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